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The Importance of Gathering Evidence From a Car Accident

February 5, 2024Articles

A car accident is a frightening experience, especially if you or your family members suffered injuries. Because no one is ever prepared for a car accident, it can be difficult to keep calm and think about protecting yourself physically and financially. However, in fault-based car accident insurance states like Connecticut, an injury victim must prove the at-fault driver’s liability for the accident before they can make a successful claim for damages. The word, “damages” in a car accident claim refers to more than just property damage to a vehicle, it may also mean medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Insurance companies protect their profits, often at the expense of a car accident victim’s claim. Having evidence to make a compelling case for liability helps to recover full compensation through a settlement or a lawsuit in court.

Gathering Evidence at the Scene of a Car Accident

The police don’t often spend their limited resources investigating after an accident. Instead, they quickly clear the scene to restore traffic flow, destroying important evidence.

After severe injuries, a victim may be able to do little other than wait in place for help to arrive; however, by keeping a cool head and using a cell phone, there is important evidence to document at the scene. If you are too injured to move safely, you could also hand your phone to an uninjured person to document evidence for you. Use your cell phone to do the following:


  • First, call 911 to report the accident and request EMS. Then,
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicles
  • Take photos of the accident scene
  • Photograph anything relevant to the accident, such as a slippery road, skid marks, or a traffic signal
  • Take photos of any visible injuries
  • Add the contact information of all involved drivers
  • Add the contact information of eyewitnesses
  • Briefly record your memory of the accident while it’s fresh in your mind. Often, trauma fades memories later and this can preserve critical details

Eyewitnesses to an accident often provide critical testimony. This is especially important if there are no traffic cameras or dash-cam videos of the accident.

Preserving Evidence After a Car Accident

Always go to a hospital straight from the scene of the accident, either in an ambulance or by arranging transportation to an ER. At the hospital, ask for a complete medical evaluation and tell the doctor about every symptom, even if it’s mild. Ask your doctor to write a detailed medical report listing every injury, the treatment they recommend, and your prognosis for recovery.

Your photos and medical report provide evidence of the cause of the accident and prove that your injuries occurred in the accident.

Keep Evidence of Your Medical Costs and Related Expenses

After a car accident in Connecticut, it’s important to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions. Be sure to make it to every medical appointment and keep copies of your medical bills and receipts for related expenses. This not only provides evidence of your economic damages but also helps your New Haven car accident attorney calculate an appropriate amount for compensation for your pain and suffering.