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Posted by on January 31, 2024

How to Prove Liability in a Connecticut Pedestrian Accident Case

When a vulnerable pedestrian and a 4,000-pound moving metal vehicle collide, the pedestrian often sustains life-altering or even catastrophic injuries. Some pedestrian accidents are fatal. Even those lucky enough to escape with mild, recoverable injuries may quickly face financial hardship from only a few missed work days and unexpected medical expenses. The consequences of...
Posted by on January 29, 2024

How to File a Pedestrian Accident Case in Connecticut 

No accident is as terrifying and traumatic as a pedestrian accident. When a vulnerable pedestrian is hit by a metal vehicle weighing 4,000 pounds or more, the results to the pedestrian are often catastrophic with life-altering damages such as pain and suffering and economic damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and lower future earning...
Posted by on January 26, 2024

What To Do If You Were Hit By a Car When Walking

Walking is a fitness-friendly and eco-friendly choice. Many people walk within their communities daily, either to work or school, for local errands, for dog walking, or just for fresh air and fitness. While walking seems like an all-around good option, it sometimes pits a vulnerable pedestrian against a moving vehicle weighing an average of...
Posted by on January 19, 2024

How to Prove Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycles are exhilarating to ride, but an accident can be devastating due to the lack of enclosure and the rider’s direct contact with the road. Injuries in motorcycle accidents tend to be severe, including traumatic brain injuries, multiple fractures, and serious road-rash abrasions. Motorcycle riders are 24 times more likely to die in traffic...
Posted by on January 12, 2024

How Much Compensation Can I Receive From a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. The same two-wheeled, open-air design that makes a motorcycle ride so thrilling also leaves riders vulnerable to serious or even catastrophic injuries in a crash. Over 50 motorcyclists are killed on average each year in Connecticut and many more are seriously injured. If you or a loved one recently...