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Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally tiring experience. If children are involved it can be even more difficult since you will be dealing with visitation and child custody issues. If you are considering getting a divorce, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, or dissolution of a partnership or civil union, contact a Connecticut divorce lawyer at the law office of Weber & Rubano. Friends and relatives will offer plenty of advice during this trying time but when it comes to looking out for your best interests an experienced Connecticut divorce lawyer is your best confidant.

Separating from someone you have shared a part of your life with can cause anxiety, fear, and anger, and its best to have someone who is distanced from these emotions representing you in court, so you get legal representation and advice from someone who is not directly involved. With a divorce comes many important decisions that need to be resolved including alimony, annulment, child support, property settlements, and division of marital assets.

Depending on the length of the marriage, the possible inclusion of a prenuptial agreement, and assets accumulated during the marriage, a divorce case can be very complex. Sometimes it’s wise to refer to a popular cliché when considering divorce: hope for the best, plan for the worst. At our law office, we treat each Connecticut divorce case with the same passion and dedication, so you get our full attention when dealing with this delicate matter.

If you are considering a divorce or have been served divorce papers, contact a Connecticut divorce attorney at the law office of Weber & Rubano, LLC today to get cost-effective legal representation that will help you obtain the most advantageous results possible.