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Perhaps the most difficult aspect of a divorce involves the issue surrounding children of the marriage. In Connecticut, when a mother and father decide that a divorce is in their best interest each will have to come to an agreement over the welfare of their children. Who assumes physical custody and legal custody has to be decided and visitation rights must be resolved to ensure the right decisions are being made for the child’s health, welfare, and education. These issues are very complex and involve strong emotions which can cloud a person’s thinking during a divorce proceeding.

Having an experienced Connecticut child visitation lawyer on your side providing cost-effective legal representation and counsel is necessary to see that your best interests and the interests of the child, are met. If you are considering a divorce or if visitation rights are not being fulfilled after a divorce, contact a child visitation attorney in Connecticut at the law office of Weber & Rubano, LLC.

Divorce can be a lengthy and trying ordeal and you will have many questions and concerns along the way which is why you need an experienced Connecticut child visitation lawyer to help guide you in making sound decisions about the welfare of your children.