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Many people are appointed to serve as an Executor or Executrix in a will and don’t know what to do when that person dies. Add the time it takes and the procedure for filing probate and tax documents, many people are intimidated by the whole probate process. There are also different rules when someone dies without a will or if they have less than $40,000.00 in total assets.

If you need help with probating a will because you have been asked to do so, or if a loved one dies without a will please contact a Connecticut probate lawyer at the law office of Weber & Rubano, LLC for a free consultation. Our probate lawyers in Connecticut can offer legal representation and advice for all aspects of probate including estate planning, last will, and testament, living will, power of attorney, trust planning, asset protection, and special needs trusts. With our assistance we can guide you through the whole probate process from opening to closing of the estate of your loved one, sparing you the hassle and intimidation of learning the probate process from the beginning.