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If you are a resident of Connecticut and have reached that point where you are thinking about estate planning, the care of your loved ones, and the orderly disposition of your property after death, contact a Connecticut wills and trusts lawyer at our law office today. No one likes to think of their own death or the chance that he might become incapacitated, but to effectively care for your family under such circumstances it is imperative that you have a properly planned estate.

To effectively plan your estate, you need a wills and trusts attorney who is experienced with estate planning in Connecticut including a Last Will and Testament, Testamentary Trusts, and Codicils. Without the proper estate planning tools, your family and loved ones could be left with contentious probate battles or tax burdens.

At the law office of Weber & Rubano, LLC we have experience in, and can offer legal advice for, a variety of estate planning services including drafting of wills and living wills, review of life insurance policies, executor, and trustee services, and the drafting of trusts. If you want to ensure that your beneficiaries will receive your assets in a manner that is tax-efficient, cost-efficient, and protected from lawsuits contact a Connecticut wills and trusts attorney at our law office.