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Dog Bite

Being attacked by a dog can result in serious physical injuries and psychological trauma. In Connecticut, many people keep dogs as pets, but no matter how well trained a dog is, no one can predict their reaction when startled or threatened. Children especially are at risk to dog bites and attacks.

People who own or keep dogs are strictly liable for the injuries to person and property caused by their dog. Though most dog bites are easily treated approximately 12 people are killed each year in dog attacks and many more can suffer from serious bites to the head and face as well as the emotional trauma of a dog attack. Generally, the owner or keeper of a dog is responsible for the damages caused by a dog in his possession. As long as the victim of the dog bite was not in the act of trespass, or was teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog you as a victim may be eligible to recover payment for medical bills, scars, pain and emotional suffering.

At the law office of Weber & Rubano, we handle many personal injury cases a year, including dog bites, and will use all of our experience and legal resources to get you fair and just compensation for your injuries. To find out more about your rights as the victim of a dog bit in Connecticut contact an attorney at the law office of Weber & Rubano.

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