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If you or a loved one have received a burn injury in New Haven at the hands of a negligent third party, our New Haven burn injury lawyers at Weber & Rubano are standing by your side. With roots in the New Haven community for over 60 years, we’ve settled and tried hundreds of cases, always seeking maximum compensation on our client’s behalf.

The team at Weber & Rubano will bring your case to full legal resolution. We aim to get you the justice you seek in your burn case. Contact our New Haven burn injury lawyers to receive your no-obligation, free case review today.

What You Should Know About Burn Injuries in New Haven

Connecticut Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM) requires all burn injuries treated by physicians to be reported to the state and local governments. However, this report detailing the annual number of burns in the state does not appear to need to be made public.

However, national burn advocacy groups like the American Burn Association reports the following statistics:

  • Every two hours and 41 minutes, one fire results in the death of a civilian
  • Each year, more than 486,000 Americans receive non-fatal burns that will require them to receive medical treatment
  • Of those, 40,000 will require individuals to be hospitalized for medical treatment
  • Annually, over 3,000 burns will result in someone losing their life

Are You Eligible for Compensation for Your Burn Injury in New Haven?

If your burn injury in New Haven was caused by a third party’s negligence, malfeasance or inaction, you likely have a case we can settle or take to court. In that case, you could be eligible for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Examples of Burn Injury Types that Could Result in Legal Action in New Haven

If you’re still unclear if a third party is responsible for your burn injury, consider the following:

  • Thermal Burns: this type of burn may be what individuals first consider burn injuries. These come from exposure to open flame or an explosion. Any incident of a fire or explosion resulting in burns to an innocent third party could give the victim legal recourse.
  • Electrical Burns: these occur when human skin makes contact with electricity. These burns can be attributed to a defective electrical product, faulty wiring in a residence, or a downed power line, among many other possible scenarios.
  • Chemical Burns: this type of burn happens when contact is made with strong chemicals, like an acid. These chemicals could leak out of a defective home product or be an improperly mixed batch of household cleaners.
  • Scalding Burns: these burns are when an individual comes in contact with a hot liquid. These may be improperly labeled soups or hot drinks. The elderly and children are exceptionally susceptible to burns.
  • Contact Burns: these types of burns require no fire or chemicals, just contact with objects that are hot to the touch. These types of injuries could be a hot surface given with no warning or a malfunctioning product or appliance.

Weber & Rubano: The New Haven Burn Injury Lawyers on Your Side

The firm of Weber & Rubano is here to help you with your burn injury case. Our team of New Haven burn injury attorneys have successfully handled many burn cases just like yours. Our burn injury lawyers in New Haven will provide you with the best possible legal services and help you get maximum compensation for your injury. Contact our office for a free consultation.