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Medical or Dental Malpractice

If you live in Connecticut and feel you may be the victim of medical or dental malpractice, contact the law office of Weber & Rubano, LLC today. Just because you have a bad outcome does not necessarily mean malpractice is to blame but it helps to know your rights as a patient and whether or not you have a legitimate claim of malpractice for a variety of medical claims including negligent medical treatment, delayed diagnosis, improper treatment for cancer, injuries from medical malpractice, and the misdiagnosis of an illness.

Through diligent medical investigation and thorough preparation, our legal team can determine if you have a claim involving medical or dental malpractice and prepare your case based on expert testimony of nurses and doctors with extensive knowledge in your particular area. If a favorable settlement cannot be reached, the attorneys at our law office are prepared to go to trial to see that our clients get fair and just compensation for medical and dental malpractice.

Suffering pain or financial loss as the result of emergency room errors, hospital negligence, surgical malpractice, or dental malpractice can have dire consequences and if you feel you or someone you know has been treated improperly by a doctor, dentist, hospital or specialist contact us today to find out if you have a Connecticut medical malpractice case.

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